Date datatype gets converted to String (not able to change it)

Hi Team,

I am encountering an issue where the datatype in excel is “Date”. But when I import the excel spreadsheet in QuickSight, it changes to “String” datatype. After that while importing the spreadsheet in QuickSight, I tried converting to “Date” datatype but it does not allow me to do it.

What is the best way I can resolve this?

Thank you!

@QuickSightRokie there might be some invalid values stopping that.

you can also use parseDate() as custom field in quicksight

Thank you @nshah-quicksight !

I believe you are recommending to use it as a calculated field. Correct?
If yes, I think we will not able to use calculated field under a calculated field. Correct?

@QuickSightRokie Yes, I am suggesting using calculated_field.

Hi @QuickSightRokie - Can you please give sample data… usually you can convert the data to date with right format or the suggestion from @nshah-quicksight should work.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Thank you !

Using parsedate works but when I use the calculated field (using parsedate) is added to another calculated field, I get an error. Trying to resolve this.

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you can use multiple functions within the calculated field… You don’t have to use the calculated field


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