Date field not shown in the paramter dropdown

My dataset is returing a date field and i see the type as “date”. Now, when I use this dataset in analysis and I create a paremeter , I do not see “date field” in the dropdown of “username column” and “group name column”. I selected the type as datetime.
What is the reason for this behavior? Is this a bug?


Are you trying to set up a dynamic parameter?

Dynamic parameters map user information “username” / “group” to a value (in this case you want a date).

So a dataset would like this like.
Username | Date
my::quicksight::arn | 8-24-2023

Then you would fill out the username as your drop down and quicksight would then map this username to whoever entered the app and produce the date parameter.

Here is more information on parameters.

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Thank you! This is helpful

Hi @kochar
I will mark Max’s response as a solution. If in case you were not trying to set a dynamic parameter, please let us know and we can assist further.
thank you.

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Hi Asem, that is fine. Please close this thread.