Date Filter across Tabs and Multi-select filters

(1) I was able to use parameters to have users enter an account id (for example) on one of the tabs in the Quicksight dashboard and have that applied across all tabs in the dashboard that were using the same datasource. However, when i try to do the same with a Date field I am unable to have one date parameter set up that can apply to all tabs. (a) The parameter only takes in text/number datatypes - not date - and hence I couldn’t use the parameter (b) When I used the date field from the dataset as the filter I couldn’t have the filter be applied across tabs. I have to filter separately from each tab.

(2) Also looks like multi-select parameters are not allowed within calculated fields. Any workarounds for it?

(1) It works for me. You can have a parameter that accepts a date. You have to select “Datetime” when you create the parameter.

  1. When creating a parameter, like David mentioned, you have to select Datetime as the data type to create a date parameter. You can then tie that parameter to a sheet control: you have to create a separate control for each sheet, but the value will update on each sheet if you change the value in any of the control. You then have to create filters for each sheet which you can apply to all applicable visuals, comparing the date column to the date parameter.