Date granularity for Navigation Action

I have a bar chart which shows data by date ( defaults to per Month )

I add a Navigation action which uses parameters to filter to a Data Table visual on another sheet to show detailed drill down

The filter on the details table filters dates in the same month as the date parameter passed by the navigation action

But the user can change the granularity of the bar chart visual to be for example weeks - if the user then drills down, the details table visual is still showing data for the whole month, not for the selected week

Is there any way to get the Navigation action to cause the drill down details to be filtered with the same date granularity of the source bar chart visual ? - If not can I request it as a feature ?

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Hi @AengusO, currently in QS time granularity represents the time aggregation level for a specific visual, it is not transferreable to a different visual through filter or parameter. We will take your question as a feature request and evaluate in our roadmap. Thanks for the feedback!

Currently, the time aggregation level can only be modified in the analysis, not the dashboard.

So to allow end users to change a visual’s level between day/week/month, I’ve been using a control/parameter/calc field combo as described in this post. The parameter is linked to a control, which allows the user to select between the granularity levels in a dropdown (strings I typed in). And the calculated field formats a date according to the level selected via the dropdown, i.e. when month is selected, 1/15/22 is formatted as 1/1/22.

It’s definitely a workaround because for it to work neatly, I need to disable gaps in time. For example, the visual is set to Day level aggregation, and with the calculated field set to Month, the visual will contain dates belonging to the first of the month. But due to the Day level aggregation, I either disable gaps and the visual is neat, or I don’t and the visual shows every Day in the month - unnecessary dates with no data. Disabling gaps would hide those days in between, i.e. 1/2-1/31, but it would also hide if there were no data in a month, i.e. 2/1.

It’d be really cool if the time aggregation level that’s editable in the field well could also be edited in the dashboard by end users. Or alternatively, if a parameter/control could modify the time aggregation level.

@Lucas_Bassoli You can change the aggregation level in a dashboard by right-clicking on the bar chart and selecting drill up or drill down.

Hi @emilyzhu do we have an update on this? I would also like to get the current granularity level for URL navigation actions

Adding @Rushabh_Vora for help here.