Single visual with different time period aggregation

Is there a way to combine the following 3 visuals (spend by month, spend by week, spend by day) into a single visual and allow dashboard viewer/reader to choose the time period from the dashboard? The visual could show spend by month, spend by week, spend by day in a drop down and allow the user to select the time period from the dashboard itself.

You need to create a single value string parameter called ${aggregation} with the following possible values:


Assuming your date field is called {date}, then you could use the following calulcated field in the x-axis of your visual

  $aggregation = 'DAY', truncDate('DD', {date}),
  $aggregation = 'WEEK', truncDate('WK', {date}),
  truncDate('MM', {date})
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Thank @darcoli
Based on your pointers, got the aggregation implemented and linked to a control with dropdown values MONTH, WEEK, and DAY as follows. Now, I have challenge positioning the control in a single visual as the filter is applied only to a single visual in my dashboard. Following are the 3 layouts I can come up with, none of these appears very intuitive for the users. Any pointers to make the control placement.

  1. Classic layout - Dropdown control above the visual
  1. Free-form layout - Dropdown control overlapping the title of the visual
  1. Free-form layout - Dropdown control placed as label for X-axis.

Usually I use a separate tab for such cases to avoid ambiguity. But from your options, I prefer the second one :wink:

One issue I’m encountering with the Month/Week/Day dropdown control placement (shown below) gets displaced on a smaller screen when the responsive rendering kicks-in when I go from two column/side-by-side layout to single column layout. We need some mechanism to pin the control location onto the visual under it.

I wanted to come back to this topic since it’s been over a year. To the QuickSight community, is this still the proposed solution for changing data aggregations? The ideal solution, to me, is the end user would select the date field on an axis and have an option to select aggregation period (month, quarter, year, etc.) - native functionality for date fields requiring no additional configuration. This function exists in the analysis (in the field wells) when building the dashboard but becomes static when published to a dashboard.