Dynamic time period aggregation


My data set has monthly and quarterly intervals depending on a customer. I have a forecast visual and depending on the customer I need to change date aggregation from monthly to quarterly in my analysis. As far as I know this is not possible in dashboards.
I’ve tried to implement this solution but it seems that this will not work with forecasts. It works fine with other visual types.
How can this be achieved? Mentioned @salim as he has assisted with a similar topic.


do you see a message like following when you are trying to use the above solution on a line chart with forecast?
One solution is to use free-form layout, base on the user selection parameter, you may hide/unhide the visuals. You can create different visuals with different data granularity.
For instance, when user choose “Month”, only the line chart with Month granularity is showing, others are hidden

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Thanks @royyung for the suggestion. Hopefully QS will improve the forecasting functionality to enable more elegant solution.
Cheers, Art