Using forecast visuals, can seasonality be dynamically provided using parameter or filters?

I am trying to create forecast visuals using quicksight forecasts, but I want to make seasonality value dynamic so user can select and see the changes based on the parameter or filter/control they select. Is it possible to do so and how can I achieve that if possible?

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Check this out.

The forecasts in the line chart will change based on (a) Region selection - drop down at the top right (b) Cross visual filtering, click on any data element (for example any pie on the pie chart) you’ll see the forecasts on the line chart changing.

You can also mouse over on the top right to open the analysis view of this dashboard, you can understand how to set parameters and filters.

Please let me know if this answers your question, if not, can you please post additional details with screenshots on what you are trying to achieve?

Thank you for this, but I am looking for adjusting the seasonality parameter through a control so that dynamically user can change it to either 1 month seasonality or 3 or whatever else they prefer. Currently if I embed this visual inside my app, user cannot change the forecasting properties, so I was wondering if its possible through some other functionality that I am unaware of. For example, if we need to change dates, date control is added for user to change. Similarly I am looking for seasonality option to be modified by user. Hope this helps clarify my question a bit better.

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Hey @newQSUser ,

I have the same issue, posted the similar question under this link:

So, if you came up with some idea or find solution for passing these forcast parameters to the embedded dashboard please share it.


Hey @newQSUser - Unfortunately this is not possible today but that would be a really cool feature, even outside of the embedding context. We can definitely log it as a feature request. Thanks for posting.

Thank @crease. What is the process for knowing when this feature request may get prioritized? Is there somewhere I can follow to get updates on this?

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Hey @newQSUser sorry for my delay. If your organization has an AWS account team, you can work with your account manager or customer success representative to get roadmap updates for the services you use. Within QuickSight itself, we publish “What’s New” posts with each deployment that detail the feature enhancements and additions.