Datetime parameter to track most recent value in column

Hey there, I have a column that stores the datetime of when an entry was inserted into the table.
I would like to display the most recent entry on the top of a dashboard in an Insight visualization.

For that, I believe I need to create a Datetime parameter and apply a Computation, but I didn’t find one that does that.

Any suggestions?

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you couod create a calculated field in the dataset which calculates the max date.

In the analysis you can then create a calculated field:

ifelse(datetime = datetime_max, 1,0)

Use this calculated field as a filter and set it to the value 1.

This way you should only get the last value.


@thomask How can I show this in an Insight chart though? I believe I need to create a QS parameter or computation with this calculated field to be able to display it there.

Filters should apply to insights as well.

Otherwise you can change the calculation in my previous answer to

ifelse(datetime = datetime_max, {ENTRY}, NULL)

This way you have a column, that only contains the last entry.

You dont need a parameter for this.


Hi @lfsporto,
We hope the reply from @thomask worked for you.
I am marking this reply as “Solution”, but let us know if this is not resolved. Thanks for posting your question on the QuickSight Community Q&A Forum.

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