Datos incorrectos

Hola a todos,

Tengo el siguiente problema, estoy cargando un DS desde una BD pero cuando observo los datos en QS son diferentes pareciera como si se movieran algunos incluso de fecha, por ejemplo:
y en la BD están así
No se que pasa que QS esta cambiando los datos

Hi @Santi98,

I do not see a correlation between the 2 screenshots, I could not find any of the date/times in any of those, so I see no pattern to identify where to help you.

It is possible that you are finding differences related to dates if the dates you are entering are taking in consideration the timezone, but without access to the dataset and database itself it is hard to identify what is happening.

Maybe some of these links will help you with the troubleshooting.

Hope this helps! And if you have any additional information to help us please post it here so we can keep digging together!

Kind regards,

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Hola! @andres007

Precisamente ese es mi problema desde la base de datos que es la segunda imagen solo extraje las fechas sin las horas, y el ultimo campo de la primera imagen que es en QS no concuerda con el ultimo campo de la segunda imagen y supuestamente son las mismas fechas.

What is very strange is that there is no pattern between the dates and the times, not even with some hours of difference to point us in any direction. I cannot actually see that the screenshot of the DB is related to the one on top since I cannot see the name/email in the DB one. Having a key in the DB to match to the QuickSight table might give us some hints of what is happening and if we are looking at the same data.

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Hola @andres007 te comparto las imágenes de nuevo

Base de datos


Además de que se mueven los datos hay uno que no aparece, desde donde estos haciendo la consulta es zonas horaria -0500 Colombia, intente cambiarlo desde el editor de UTC de QS pero no funciono, no se que es lo que pasa que los datos se me están moviendo y algunos no aparecen. Este ejemplo es de una persona pero así esta toda la data cuando se carga en QS

The only thing that makes sense to me is that because of the TZ, as you are confirming, some of the entries are moving to another UTC date.

I can try to reproduce this, but another option I am thinking is that you send the date without a timezone to QS and see if you can get the data at least to stay in the same date. Then you can add the offset of time, if you want with calculated fields.

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@andres007 Ya intente subiendo solo el DS con las fechas, sin ninguna marca de tiempo, y modifique la zona horaria desde QS pero aun así los datos siguen sin estar bien.

Que campo calculado aplicaria?

I was thinking on using addDateTime to the end value after you loaded the data without a TZ to make it colombian time off course that is not what should be done.

Still it is very strange that the date is not getting properly populated in the tables when loading.

It is very hard for me to help you without looking at the data, can you try to offload the data from the database into a text file and see if you can import the data just by uploading and see if the problem persist, I do not think it is related to the source DB but at this point, I just want to start taking variables out of the problem.

If you are able to have a file, and you have some way of anonymizing / creating fake data, it might be useful to load it into Arena so I can take a look at the problem with the specific example.