Default null value for dates


I wonder if it is possible to have null value as default for date parameter. I see same question was asked here Date Filter Does Not Allow Empty/Blank/Null Values as Default but the topic just got archived without solution.
So, I have a date column that can contain date or null. And it’s normal to have nulls because dates come at the end of some process. I want to show all records by default but if user selects dates, then those dates should be filtered.

I’ll mark it as a feature request. This is currently not possible.

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@Max I’m running into most likely the same problem as well, I have a Between Date Filter Control set and as a default I would like to not have any dates in that filter and thus reveal all the data upon opening the dashboard. I keep receiving errors that I need to have a date input into the Start Date and End Date which i assume is expected functionality…

Currently users will come into the dashboard and see that a date range filter has nothing populated in it, but when looking at the field in the filter tab (which the on-sheet control is built off of) we observe an active date range filter

My ultimate dream is to have null values as default for the start date and end date, then allow for users of the dashboard to be able to set whatever date they please through the pinned filter control. Just to clarify that is not possible correct??

As Max mentioned, this would be a feature request and the date parameters needs to be added in your report.

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Would be good to get this feature as soon as possible. Because there’s no workaround (that I know of) and many of my current reports need to have dates set as “null” by default.