Define Periode on Chart with Date Selection

Measure data: date, current date profit, and last year date profit

I have line chart to compare profit form current year and last year, the x axis showing 15 days from latest data, the question is, how to define specific filter to showing 15 days data on chart base on date selection, for example when i select filter date 15 October 2022 the data wil show 15 October,14,13,12,…


The current issue, when i select specific date on filter the data on chart only showed 1 value


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Hello @ringgo You can use Relative Date Filtering in combination with parameter. Please see the below snapshot. Hope this helps!

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Hi @sagmukhe, can you show the paramOrderDate?

Here you go!

can i combine with this filter?

because i only using 1 filter to define a specific score chart (KPI Visual Type) base selection date and also showing 15 periode with same filter?

So, if I understand correctly, you have another visual which is a KPI visual where you want to filter the data by a single date and filter the line chart in such a way that it shows prior 15 days. In that case, you need to attach the same parameter with your KPI visual Filter as well.

i mean only using 1 filter for 2 visual (1 filter define KPI Visual and Line Chart), it’s possible?

It is possible to have 1 filter for 2 visuals. But to satisfy your use case, you will have 2 filters one each for each visual. But both the filters will be controlled by one parameter. This is needed as one filter will filter the KPI visual by one day and the other filter will filter the line chart by 15 days. Since the filter definitions are different, you will need to distinct filters. Hope this clarifies

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