Difference between Selected dates from Date picker filter

Hi Experts,
First Quesiton : Need to apply a default current month filter to the dashboard.
Like it should be dynamic.For example Dashboard shd show data from start of this month to current day of the month.
Second Question:
Need to get the difference between two dates(in days) from date picker.

Highly appreciate your help.

Hello Syed,

I guess there are similar post . may be this is what you are looking for

Hope this helps.

Thanks Deep.
For the first one will look at.One concern is I am using a date picker filter and not using any parameters .For parameters i need to create start and end date and give the option of selecting the range and dont want to do it.But on the other hand this filter gives me range selection.
I wanted this to be defaulted to current month.

For the second one How will I get the selected dates from the filter and pass it to datediff function?

May be this old previous post will give some hint… as there is no out-of-box capability in QS to support an automatic calculation between the start and end date.