Div/0 error in KPI

How to solve Div/0 error in KPI .
I have leads in values and date(week) in Trend Group .


Hello @SanthoshV, which KPI layout are you using and are you able to send me a screenshot of the “Format Visual” section of the KPI? I am thinking it might have something to do with the weekly change showing as 0, but I am not able to replicate the issue on my end. Any additional information would be appreciated!

Also, this thread from the community might have the answer you are looking for, let me know if it helps!

This is Screenshot.
For both weeks we have 0 leads.
I think the error is because both numerator and denominator has Zero value.
For both weeks we have 0 leads.

Hello @SanthoshV, did you get a chance to look through the topic I linked you in my previous response? I think it gives a good work around solution to manage the KPI values when they are returning 0 to avoid the Div/0 error!

Yeah thanks

While screenshot solution didn’t work for me.
This worked for me for now

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