Does anyone use QuickSight for individual feature release analysis?

I am working in a SaaS company where we do not have any post-release data analysis on customer usage of individual features. I was guided here by an AWS support team member but I’m still not sure that QuickSight is the correct product for our needs.

Does anyone use QuickSight in this capacity? (Data analysis on customer usage of individual features post release?)

@Rfay when you say individual features, do you mean each AWS services and the cost of each service using by each of your customer?
Do you have a AWS Account Manager supporting you?

@royyung Thanks for the quick response.
No, I don’t mean each AWS services. I mean our in-product usage. When we release a new product feature, under a feature flag, I want to be able to track how and when that feature is used by our customer base.

do you have the activity log data such as what feature and when they have been used by customer? if yes, you may capture those data in storage, for instance, S3, RDS, Redshift, Opensearch.
QuickSight can use them as data source and visualize in dashboard

Thanks @royyung. I will consult with my dev lead to find this information out and pass this along. Thanks for your help.

@Rfay sharing a blog post showing a QuickSight dashboard which shows which is the most popular dashboard. And who is the top users on QuickSight platform. It captures user activity data and ingest into S3. And QuickSight visualize those data.

Blog: Building an administrative console in Amazon QuickSight to analyze usage metrics | AWS Big Data Blog
Demo dashbaoard: Administrative Dashboard Demo