Dynamic column names

Hi Community,

Is it possible to have dynamic column names in the table based on the value from Date filter (year from the date) ?
For example, when the user picks date 11-08-2022 the column names should be:
Column 2022, Column 2023, Column 2024, Column 2025 and Column 2026.

Hi Jelena ,
Based on you what you explained here , you can create a calculated field such as
Column - Year = concat('Column ’ , toString(Year))

And what you select on data , values can be passed through parameter and filter for last 3 years ( in this example I have sales data for 2021 and 2018 and showing last 3 years in table)
Your column on pivot table can be rendered dynamically based on year in selected date.

  • pDate is parameter used

This is how it would be achieved , Hope this helps your use-case

Use-case1 (2)

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Hi @Neeraj,
I have the same use case of having dynamic column name in pivot table.
I cannot follow your solution clearly.

Let me brief of my use case.
Based on the Region selected the column name of a column should change.
eg, if region = “NA” then column name = “CSI Sec” else if region = “EU” then the same column name should change to “CSI Div”.

What should be the solution for given usecase?

Hi @imbipul, Have you found any solution for your use case. I have a similar issue.