Dynamic date difference on calculated field

Hi everyone!

I have a field named flow whose unit is Avg-liters-per-second-over-period. An example would be:

flow = 0.2 l/s/5min

This means that over the last five minutes there was an average of 0.2 liters per second flow.

Currently the 5min are fixed, so I created a calculated field that does

flow * 300

To convert the flow to consumed volume.

However the “5min” may change in the future, and I wanted to make the calculated field robust.

Is there a way I can have the delta time in seconds calculated dynamically?

hi @donatoaz, how would you know what would be the delta over the period value will be, will be a control for user to select, will it be a value that will be set in a reference file or something else. In the first two cases, you can set up a parameter and assign that delta time value to the parameter which then you can use in the calculated field.

Thanks Deepak.

It’s not precisely what I was looking for, but we did manage to use Parameters to provide a solution for the customer. Thanks.