Easy way to line up table in free-format layout setting

Does Quicksight have a easy way to line up different tables in free-form layout setting, I have multiple tables need to stick to each other some need to overlap one table to another. Manual update the display setting takes me a lot of time.

Hi @Yingkang_zhou
you can move it or use the x/y coordinates.
At the end that’s the whole deal of free form.

Hi @Yingkang_zhou

As @ErikG mentioned defining specific X/Y coordinates is the way to do it. Can you help me understand a bit more if and why that is not helpful and what you are trying to achieve where the coordinates are not helpful


Hi @Yingkang_zhou
any update?

I have 100+ visuals want to adjust in free form. it has some patten to follow I am trying to bulk adjust them together. like multi select couple views then change x=30

Via web it is only possible visual by visual.
You could use API to change the x/y for multiple visuals.

Adding to @ErikG’s note, this sample dashboard gives a good demonstration of what’s possible through the API.