Simultaneous scrolling

in Bhupinder Chadha’s recent post at New row and column interactivity options for tables and pivot tables in Amazon QuickSight – Part 2 | AWS Big Data Blog where he discusses use cases I have some follow-up questions

  1. He talks about a use case of “Display two tables side by side as a single visual”. What layout is he using in this case? Tiled, Freeform, Classic
  2. He talks about a use case of “Butterfly”. His example uses a list of 14 countries. What if the list of countries is 140? ie it’s too long to fit on a screen. How does one enable simultaneous scrolling of the two visuals?

Hi Cgreenacre,

  1. You need to use free form layout to show overlapping visuals
  2. The butterfly table layout is advisable for small tables where no scrolling is required since they are 2 separate tables. Let us know if this is something important to you. We would love to know more about your use case

With regards to scrolling, we would like to filter by sales person. A sales person can have anywhere from a dozen to a hundred accounts. We would like to put acct # and name and measures in the left table, and then extra infromation like phone number, city, and other attribute information to the right of the measures, ie in the right of the two tables. With just 12 accounts, no scrolling is necessary, but with 100 accounts, scrolling would be necessary.

Thanks for sharing your use case. We will park this in our backlog for now

One thing: we had not noticed that one could move columns left and right in a table. (when did that get added to the product-I must be blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other :stuck_out_tongue: ) That solves our immediate issue.

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