Embebed Reports Error - Refuse to connect

I am trying to embed a dashboard into my application, when I do local tests (localhost) it works correctly, when publishing to a domain I get an error on the screen where it says that quicksight refuse to connection. Has anyone experienced something similar?

I already added the domains in the list of allowed domains from Quicksight.

us-east-1.quicksight.aws.amazon.com refused to connect.

What type of embedding are you doing?

Can you show any error from the console as well?

Hello Max, thanks for answering, we are using GenerateEmbedUrlForRegisteredUser using java and locally it works for us but when we pass it to the test environment we get this connection error, no message appears in the browser console.

If you’re on VPN, make sure that it doesn’t block websocket connections.

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Finally we solved it, there was a problem in the CORS configuration of helmet in the node server.

crossOriginEmbedderPolicy: false,