Embedding Quicksight Dashboard on IFrame

I have a stand-alone Quicksight Dashboard and I am looking at embedding it as is in an IFrame. When users get navigated to the IFrame they should be able to work with the Quicksight dashboard embedded in there like they would in a stand-alone Quicksight application. i.e. Be able to enter search inputs / user inputs and generate report based on the searched text, filter, generate forecasts etc.

I have read through this link but what I am mainly trying to understand if there is any limitation with embedding a Quicksght dashboard within IFrame vs a standalone Quicksight dashboard.

Please let me know.


I think by “standalone” Quicksight dashboard, you mean one that you access from within QuickSight (i.e. not embedded).

Here are the differences I know but the list may not be complete. In an embedded dashboard, you can’t:

  1. Subscribe to receive the dashboard by email.
  2. Create threshold alerts for KPI and gauge visuals.