Embedding suddenly stopped working? (Edited: dashboards expire or can get blocked?)

Good morning!

I have been in a project with embedded dashboards for a little over 2 years now, and today, without any change on our side, all dashboards stopped working.

We get the "Embedding failed because of invalid URL or authorization code. Both of these must be valid and the authorization code must not be expired for embedding to work. ", a 403 after we run our function to get the embed URL and try to use it. It happens also from the API gateway and Lambda testing.

I’ve been trying to see if something changed, but we haven’t deployed in 2 weeks and the individual parts seem correct, except that the url we get is not good. As said, it has been working without problems for nearly 2 years, with around 100 daily users, and today suddenly everything stopped.

Don’t know if something expired or a change happened and I wasn’t aware, I am open to any possibility.

EDIT: Current workaround I found out is to save the Analysis as a new dashboard. But because we save the dashboard UUIDs in our database, this is not a sustainable solution.

Thanks for your time!

Apologies for the issues this might have caused. For outage in your application, we recommend getting in touch with AWS Customer Support to get faster troubleshooting and resolution.

Based on above information, it’s slightly difficult to point out exact issue. Regarding dashboard identifier - the dashboard ID does not change automatically, but Customer Support Case would be a good way to have us take a closer look.

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