GenerateEmbedUrlForAnonymousUser return URL for an invalid dashboard ID

Hi there,

I am using QuickSight to generate embed URL for a dashboard. During a test, I found that, if provided an invalid dashboard ID, function GenerateEmbedUrlForAnonymousUser returns successfully with EmbedUrl. But when I tried to access this EmbedUrl in browser, it says the dashboard cannot be opened like below. Is this designed behavior? I expect the function return an exception of ResourceNotFoundException with HTTP status code 404.

"We can’t open this dashboard

This usually happens when you don’t have access permission or it was deleted."

    const response3 = await quicksight.generateEmbedUrlForAnonymousUser({
        'AwsAccountId': '...',
        'Namespace' : 'default',
        'AuthorizedResourceArns': ['arn:aws:quicksight:us-east-1:...:dashboard/...'],
        'ExperienceConfiguration': experienceConfiguration,
        'SessionLifetimeInMinutes': 600
    }).promise().then((reponse) => {
          console.log("Successful generation");
          return reponse.EmbedUrl;
      }).catch((error) => {
          console.log("failed generation");
          return '';