Empty cells in pivot table not showing as 0 when coalesce is added

Hello, I have a table with inventory per location and department. My formula for inventory (Existencia Ayer) has a coalesce(formula,0). However, some of the departments with no inventory still show up empty. Is there a way to add a 0 to the pivot table where there is no inventory?

Hello @Isabel_Navarro, something you can try. If you click on the value in the field well, hover over format, and select “More formatting options”, you can go to the Null values section and try adding a 0 in the text box for “Show custom”.

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Hello! It did not work :frowning: I am thinking it may be a problem with the amount of dimensions in the pivot table.

Hello @Isabel_Navarro, that is definitely a possibility. You could also try a calculated field for the Existencia Ayer field to return it as a value or 0. Something like this:
ifelse({Existencia Ayer} >= 0, {Existencia Ayer}, 0)

Let me know if that helps!

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It did not work, thank you anyways. I still don’t know what the issue is. Thank you.

Hello @Isabel_Navarro, maybe try adding isNull() to the ifelse statement as well?

{Existencia Ayer} >= 0, {Existencia Ayer},
isNull({Existencia Ayer}) = "True", 0,

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