Facing Issue while setting up Incremental Refresh for Spice Dataset

Hi , Facing issue while setting up incremental refresh for the dataset.

In the date column section it is not showing me any date type column. It says “No valid date type column”.

Can anyone please help on this !!

I have date type field in the data set.

Hello @ChrisHeath62,

Can you please check that QuickSight is detecting the fields as Date type? As you can see in my example below, I have 2 date fields but they are not detected by QuickSight, therefore you cannot use them for refreshing the dataset incremetally.

Which should give you the error you are mentioning if you want to setup incremental refresh, you need a dataset where the field types you are going to use for the incremental refresh are of type date, and then, you should see them in the dropdown to be selected.


You can find more information in this community post about datasets and date formats.

Hope this helps!

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I have a calculated field with date data type but still facing this issue. screenshot below

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The date field need to be available in the original dataset in the proper format to be used for the incremental refresh.

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okay thanks @andres007.

What if i have a date time field in original dataset which is in epoch format. Could that help


Based on this, I made some tests to send an epoch in a dataset, and although it is shown as string on the first import, if you change the type to date it is converted without any formatting input needed.

Please let me know if this works for you!

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Thanks @andres007 . Solved the issue. Many Thanks for your support!

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