Feature Request - stacked area line chart and custom bar charts

Hey all,

we have a couple of feature we would like to request.
The first one would be for the stacked area line chart: an interpolation happens when we have two data points like here:

the greyish area with the black triangle are just two data points and it destroys the visual. A solution could be a control for missing data like for the line chart:
or maybe something like a “stacked area line combo chart” that combines a line chart and an area chart.

Another feature would be - and I’m pretty sure it was already asked for - the possibility to control and adjust the wide of bar charts - horizontal and vatical. Basically that the wide of the bar is remembered even when after we filter the visual. Right now it looks like this:
without filter and filtered

and we would like to keep the thin bars even after filter.


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Hi @robert.eibers
Great feature requests.
I would also like to add additional lines on the y-axis showing the values of another measure.


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