Field value

I want to create a field in dashboard which automatically update based on user input.
For an example I have dataset with two field country and states and I have created a control parameter as a state in a dashboard. Based on user input for the state name, The field country should automatically fetched from the dataset.
For an example if the user select ontario from the dropdown control, The field country should be automatically fetch from dataset and set to canada

Hi @dna
sounds to me like a case for


Hi @dna
Are you looking to update the value for the country control. If so, you should be able to ‘Show only relevant values’ for that control based on the state control. The documentation is in the following link.

@bergqdou Thank you for the response. Yes, I did that But The end user need to select the corresponding relevant value from the dropdown country name.
What I want is the field which shows the country without the need of selecting it and the end user should only be able to select state, with country being display only.