Can the selection of filter field values be dynamically determined by examining parameters in the URL?


I want to dynamically select the default field value of the filter by examining the parameter values in the URL

For example, when the URL parameter validcode is passed,

  • if validcode is ADNO5, then the Brand field in the Controls area will default to GUCCI;

  • if validcode is DWO8A, then the Brand field in the Controls area will default to PRADA and Louis Vuitton.

Can this effect be implemented?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

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Hello @zmaiymh, there are 2 possible options for a solution here. The most ideal scenario would be cascading filters. If there is a parameter populating the validcode control, is that validcode linked to the Brand field in the actual dataset? If so, you can utilize the show relevant values fields and it would return the option for GUCCI if it is linked to ADNO5.

Now, if that isn’t the case, then the other option I can think of would be to utilize dynamic default values for the Brand control. You would need to make a dataset containing a column of all the UserNames or GroupNames that would be accessing the dashboard, plus a 2nd column that would match the validcode field and value, and a third column with the Brand field that you would want to return. Then you could use that to build the dynamic default value for the parameter linked to the control. I’ll link documentation on that below. I hope this helps!

Thank you!! this method is effective to some extent!

However, I want to log in with the same account, but only control the default value of Brand through the validcode parameter.

If implemented by setting dynamic parameter values, at least in my case, regardless of the validcode value, the default Brand value is always GUCCI.Is there any error with the relationship table that I set up?

Looking forward to your reply, thank you very much!

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Hello @zmaiymh, honestly, I don’t think it is an error in how you set it up but rather a limitation in the dynamic default value of the parameter. Linking the default values between the 2 is a limitation in QuickSight unless you manage them via code in an embedded portal. Trying to manipulate the defaults through the dataset was my one thought that we could maybe bypass that issue.

Due to that limitation, I can tag this topic as a feature request. Please let me know if you have any remaining questions, otherwise I can archive the topic for our support team. Thank you!

@DylanM Thank you so much for your patient explanation! :yellow_heart:

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