Using a Parameter selection to dynamically display related text values in multiple Insights


Very new to QuickSight, so apologies if I’m missing something basic/fundamental, but:

I have a database with values like Site Name, Folder Name, Site ID, etc, all as String values.

I’m attempting to create a Parameter with values that are fed dynamically from the imported .csv file. I want to set the top-level Parameter using a value from that database, “Site Name”

This Parameter will serve as a selector for several other text variables throughout the dashboard. For instance, if set to “SiteOne”, the text values in various insights will display the corresponding values for “FolderNameOne” and “SiteIDOne” for that same record.

If the parameter is then set to “SiteTwo”, the Folder Name and Site ID references should all update dynamically to reflect the associated values for that record.

How can I best accomplish this task? Is there a good demo somewhere of this using the current version of QuickSight? At present, I can get the selected Parameter to then reflect its current value via a reference to ${ParameterName} (which displays the equivalent of “SiteOne”, but I’m unsure how to do something like ${ParameterName.FolderName} to display “FolderOne” or similar.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Hi @jmheggen - Welcome to the community!

If the analysis you are building is on the same sheet, you can use cascading filters to accomplish this use case. Exercise 2 in this workshop runs through an example. Does this help?

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