Dynamic Parameter selection

In the image attached when I select on Safety factor in dynamic paramter only education and job level should appear on the parameter

Is there any way to do it?
and also can we give multiselect option to the parameters?

Hi @Vysh27

you can check out cascading filter/parameter

And multiple values parameter


I have created a calculated for cascading parameters
now how do i link the both

I am confused and need a little help for it


your values must have a relationship (over two dataset fields)

I don’t have the relevant values only option

your values must have a relationship over dataset fields otherwise you can not link them

but the values in testparam are 3 different dataset fields

Not sure how you will achieve the expected behavior.

Hello @Vysh27 !

Was @ErikG 's suggestion helpful, and if so could you mark their comment as a solution to help the community?

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