File dataset shared with co-owner permission cannot be updated


I have created a dataset by uploading a csv file. I have shared the dataset with a colleague with co-owner access. He sees the option to Edit Dataset, but after clicking on it, he can only see the left panel with Fields, Excluded Fields, Filters, and dataset preview. The actual editing area is not visible. So he cannot update the dataset by uploading a new file or configure the upload settings, which is something he might need to do in the future.

How do I share the datasets so that he can access it in the same way I do and edit it as needed?

Thanks in advance.

Today QuickSight does not show the join panel when user do not have access to the underlying data source. Since you cannot share file data source, there is no work around for your colleague to see the join panel on shared dataset.

QuickSight team is aware of this limitation and working on a fix.

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