Filter controls malfunction


After I select a value from the control / filter it still shows ‘All’ instead of a given value.

This is a screenshot after collapsing the controls panel.
Interestingly it happens to some of the controls as others in the same visual show the selected values.

Also, quite often I have the red exclamation marks next to the controls however if I hover over them they don’t show any message. There is a black ‘cloud’ but no message. When I do reset to original dashboard they disappear.

Are these some sort of bugs? @Tatyana_Yakushev I would appreciate a feedback from the QS team.

Thanks, Artur

Hi @ArtSal, thanks for the feedback! This is a known request for QS. Currently, since you only have one value in the control, when you select it, the control automatically switch to “all”. We have a plan to fix it to show “all(2021-03-31)” when collapse the control. Do you think that will solve your problem?

For your second question, are you using the “new-look” or the “old-look” of QuickSight?

Hi @emilyzhu , thanks for getting back to me. Ideally it should show a selected date but your proposal would definitely help as only “all” is rather misleading.
With regards to my second question the red exclamation signs appear in both versions. I have noticed that you can get rid of them by closing and opening the control panel.
Any plans to add the sorting functionality to filters?

Hi @emilyzhu @Naveed would you be able to provide an estimate when this will be available?

Best, Artur

Sorry :slight_smile: I am not the part of AWS Just a part of community here. AWS team will reply on it.

Hi, ArtSal. Thanks so much for your post. At AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers. Your feedback helps us build a better service. Based on our protocol, we cannot provide dates, but we have noted this feedback in our internal feature request tracker.