Gantt Chart Visualization Type

Has anyone been able to display relationship data like what’s available in a Gantt chart? I’ve searched here and on the web, where the answer appears to be “no”, but I’m wondering if someone has found a work around to do something similar or heard of any potential of QS to offer it as a visualization type in the near future.


First, I want you to know that QuickSight team has received requests to introduce Gantt chart from other customers as well. It might be added in 2022.

For the time being, you can get results similar to the image below


  1. Create a calculated field called MinDate with expression similar to “minOver(min({Start Date}), [])”. Value of this field will be equal to the earliest date you have in your dataset.
  2. Create a calculated field called Empty Period with expression “dateDiff( MinDate, min({Start Date}))”
  3. Create a stacked horizontal bar chart with Task on the Y axis and Empty Period and Duration of the task on the X axis.
  4. Hide X axis (since you probably don’t want to see numbers on the X axis. Unfortunately there is no way at the moment to show dates on the X axis)
  5. To see dates for the tasks, customize tooltips and show “Start Date” value in the tooltip.
  6. Change color for the “Empty Period” bars to match background of your chart and remove gridlines

Although that’s not exactly what I was looking for, It’s pretty close and I’m certainly going to play around with the idea.


I love this idea.
I been using Tableau for long time and the way you build the gantt chart is very similar to the way doing with Tableau. Especialy calulating with min Data and duration.
I also hope that there is the way to show date on x-axis! Thanks again for sharing the great idea. Tomi

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Here is a Gantt chart example on QuickSight Arena GanttChartExample


unable to add Empty Period to X axis

error: custom aggregation field is not allowed as dimension

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