Create a Gantt Chart in Quicksight

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Wondering if anyone has thoughts on the best way to make a Gantt Chart. Is the linked method still the best route? I like to be able to create a pretty standard Gantt Chart with months/weeks across the top and horizontal bars to show intended timeline.

Hi @todd.hoffman,

I just built a Gantt Chart using the approach given in your linked post, but I couldn’t add the dates to the axis.

One option would be to use free-form mode and overlay a line chart that only displays the week dates on its x-axis above the horizontal visual. Something like this for example

I see you’ve also tagged this post as a feature request for Gantt Charts, so keep an eye out here on the community for any future launch announcements.

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I also used this for an absence / annual leave tracker, but added reference lines to denote the months.

Hope its a useful addition…



to add - i used concat on the person and start date to drive the y-axis

Here is a Gantt chart example on QuickSight Arena