Geospatial Issue - Incorrect UK County Location (Again!)

Hi. This is a duplicate of this issue: Geospatial Issue - Incorrect UK County Location.

I have exactly the same problem as described in the duplicate question, which is that my ‘Greater London’ county geospatial data is being mapped to ‘Greater Manchester’.

The support message in the duplicate question is insufficient as it states that a technical support ticket needs to be submitted due to the specific nature of the problem, however, I do not have technical support included in my plan. Also, the OP did not post their solution therefore I need an answer from here instead.

Assuming that the problem has been solved for the OP, does anyone know of the cause of this problem and a solution?



Hi @CaramelShortbread

Thanks for joining QuickSight community and posting the question.

Acknowledging this request and we will comeback with updates in couple of days.

Hi, I am the author of the duplicate issue and also did not have the required permission to submit a technical support ticket, so this issue remains currently unresolved.


Hi @apjvinod any updates on this issue? Thanks

Hello @CaramelShortbread, my apologies for the delayed response, have you received any feedback on this problem or determined a solution? @apjvinod are there any updates on this issue from your end?

If this problem continues to persist, I believe you should raise a ticket to AWS Customer support team so that they can understand the data and guide you the right solution. To raise the request, please follow the link - Creating support cases and case management - AWS Support

I noticed your author does not have the required permission to submit a ticket so you should request your AWS admin team to help you on this.

Hello @CaramelShortbread, I just wanted to follow up on my previous response. If we do not receive any follow-up after 3 more days, I will go ahead and archive this topic. Otherwise, if you still require assistance with this after discussing the issue with customer support please let me know!

Hello @CaramelShortbread, I am going to archive this topic. If you still need assistance with finding a solution for this or if you face another problem in QuickSight please post a new question in the community. Our QuickSight experts prioritize 0 reply questions, so it will ensure you are a top priority to receive a response. Thank you!