Geospatial Issue - Incorrect UK County Location


I’m trying to plot a map of records per county using a UK hierarchy.

The issue is that Greater London is being placed over Manchester as opposed to being placed over London - I think the region being shaded is Greater Manchester rather than Greater London. This masks any results shown for Manchester and leaves the London area blank when that region should be shaded.

Using UK Postcodes works correctly, showing results with a London Postcode as appearing in the correct location.

Manually changing the county name from ‘Greater London’ to ‘London’ does not resolve the problem. Are the underlying county names shown in any documentation that I can view?

Has anyone experienced this issue before? Thanks

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Hi @tomm - Welcome to AWS QuickSight community and thanks for posting the question. For Geo-spatial data issues, a detail analysis require . Can you please raise a ticket to AWS Customer support team so that they can understand the data and guide you the right solution. To raise the request, please follow the link - Creating support cases and case management - AWS Support

If you do not have access, request your aws admin team to help you on this.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hi @tomm - where are you getting your UK PostCodes from? Can you check the values for Greater London manually and see if they are correct? Can you try a different source for the same postcodes?


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