Graphic with two date dimensions, is that possible?


I have a table with the CustomerId, PaymentId, PaymentDate and RegistrationDate.
Of course each customerId could have several paymentId but only one RegistrationDate.

I’d like to graph by month with a two vertical bars graph first the number of customers by RegistrationDate and the second bar distinct_count users by payment Month.

The problem is that RegistrationDate and PaymentDate have to be both in X Axis.
Is that possible? Or instead of that, a calculate field between distinctCount customerId by RegistrationDate and PaymentDate?


What does your dataset look live for a payment date vs registration date?

Is it null vice versa?

Can you do an ifelse that looks to see if one is null then return the other?

Then use that date field and add the distinct counts of customerIds and paymentIds to the values?

Thanks @Max

They are supposed to be different dimensions, on the one hand it would be the number of customers by date that registered grouped by month, and on the other hand the number of customers who paid in a month. It is independent if one is null or not, there may be customers who have never paid, but it does not matter, because it will appear on the registration date but not on the payment date.

You would need to do some sql work where you make one column a date and then have another that say’s type (or something like that).

Then you could graph against that single data and break it out by type.


Marking Max’s response as solution to your question.
Please let us know if you have further questions.

Arun Santhosh