Hide empty visuals

I want to be able to hide visuals when they are empty.

We have set up some executive summary dashboard, that includes a KPI, a table and a pie chart
They all share the same dataset.
The dashboard is filtered on a selected time period, which in some cases results in no records.

The result is that the KPI is showing me 0 record, but the two other visuals are showing me the message “There was no data found for the visual”. This is fine while working with an analysis, but raises questions when presented to others as a dashboard.

Instead of this message, I would like to hide these visuals. Ideally, hiding would be possible in tiled layout, and when hiding, any diagrams below would snap to the diagrams above.
I have experimented with the Free-form layout, and when hiding this will leave an empty space where the diagram is placed. I understand why it is like this, and I don’t want this feature changed as it opens for more interesting ways of creating dashboards.

Options I would like to see:

  • Being able to hide the visual when there is no data in result set
  • Being able to hide the visual based on a calculation, for example an aggregated result (like sum, max, etc.)
  • Being able to set the “error message” (dynamically or based on calculation is even better)
  • Being able to see the table column headers, when there are no rows.

If anyone has ideas how to do this today, let me know!

You can hide visuals with rules.

However, they only work with parameters. So you would need to set up a way to make dynamic parameter’s change their values based on your logic.

For more information you can check here:

@tormodk Did @Max’s solution work for you?

I am marking this as Solved, but please unclick Solution if you still have questions and let us know how else we can help. Thanks!