Hide visual based on selected filter value


I got a dimension-based on-sheet filter “Type” that has two selectable values, e.g. “Central” and “Decentral”. At the same time, the filter “Type” is also a parent filter for other filters via the “Show only relevant values” mechanism.

Now, if a user selects “Central” I’d like to hide a particular visual, since it is only relevant for “Decentral” values. How can I do that?

I checked the docs and came to the conclusion that I need a parameter but now I’m wondering how I can reference the “Central” value within the parameter whenever it is selected by a user…

Looking forward to you ideas!


Hi @dbb1

Are you talking about this?


Hi Max,

thanks for your reply… yes, indeed. I had the chance to figure it out in the meantime. Instead of using the filter directly on the sheet, I had to define a parameter and den set the source of the parameter values to a dataset column that I wanted to use as filter. After that I was able to use the parameter values in the rule that shows/hides the visual :+1: