Hide visual by default and enable the visual based on action

Hey All,

I have a visual say a bar chart with employee name on X axis and score on Y axis. Then there is a second visual which gets filtered when an employee in the bar chart is clicked. Basically an action is configured on the bar chart visual. Now my requirement is the second chart should be hidden by default when the dashboard is loaded and made visible only when the bar chart action is fired ie when an employee is clicked in the bar chart.

When I checked the documentation, I saw some free-form settings and in that we can add Rules to a visual to hide it by default and enable it back based on a parameter. But how can I pass the clicked employee context to this parameter?

Is there any other way to achieve this?

Any help would be much appreciated.


you can use the navigation action to set the parameter for the second visual which should be hidden to begin with. When you are creating the navigation action, set the target sheet to “same sheet” on which first visual is available. Please refer creating and editing custom actions for more details.