How can I create an schedule for an embedded Paginated Report?

Hi, we’ve created a new paginated report and embedded it in our web.
The report is empty as shown in the following pic.
We’ve created a daily schedule with an Admin user but that only works inside QS


May I know if you have adde the user into the report generation schedule?

Hi @daniel.lazaro Did you check Roy’s solution? Please let us know if that worked for you and help the community by marking his answer as “solution”. Thanks for using the QuickSight Community Q&A Forum!

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Hi, the report is embedded in a portal open to many users. I thought each user will be able to subscribe to it instead of the admin assigning them to the subscription. Is this a correct statement?

I’ll try with a smaller group of users and let you know.
Thank you @Steph and @royyung

Hi Daniel, not exactly, let me elaborate a bit.
Regarding “Dashboard”, you may share the embedded dashboard to public for using anonymous embedding. Any people who can access the web application is able to see the dashboard. You may also share the dashboard to authorized user only by user based embedding. User needs to login before they can access the dashboard. In this case, admin needs to share the dashboard with user.

If there is a “Paginated report” included as one of the sheet of the “Dashboard”, admin needs to share both dashboard and schedule the paginated report share with the user.


@daniel.lazaro to supplement, the report subscription you mentioned is available in QuickSight console but not available in Embedding
You may refer to Subscribing to dashboard emails and alerts - Amazon QuickSight

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