How can I get calculated field from one dataset to another dataset

Hello! How can I get calculated field value from one dataset to another dataset in analysis.

I have two dataset and I can’t seem to join them for couple of reasons. So, I decided to add second dataset to my first dataset in analysis. Now, I want to get total unique users from dataset1 and use marketing cost from dataset2 to get CAC(Customer acquisition Cost).

Is there any way I can use two datasets and their fields to calculate CAC.

these are two separate datasets and they are not joined together using any joins.


Hey @SameedAhmed ,

I don’t think what you want is possible Calculating over to different Datasets is not doable.
But we could try to work on that join problem, if we could fix this you can use your calculation.
Maybe you could provide some insight into it.


Hey @robert.eibers ,

Thanks for quick response. Let me explain complete scenario, I have 2 datasets, one for customer signup, payment etc and one for marketing cost, campaign etc. The problem is, I am uploading marketing dataset while customer dataset is coming directly from database. If I join them using joins, will both dataset stop updating even the one coming from database?


@SameedAhmed -
You can schedule refresh of QuickSight SPICE datasets. In your case above, since one of the tables is a file upload, the result of the joined datasets would have to be a QuickSight SPICE dataset. Please see the linked documentation for refreshing data in QuickSight and joining data in QuickSight.