How can I hide some schemas in database to create a dataset


I created some users in my Redshift to separate the different groups in QuickSight. My ideia is to limit the view only schemas that some person can access.

But If someone with have no access to some schema try to create a dataset, QuickSight show schemas and tables that the user don’t have any access in Redshift.

For me, this isn’t ok because we have a usability problem here. The person think that can create a dataset with the table but in Analyses, QuickSight show an error of timeout in the screen.

What I have to make? How can I limit to show only schemas and tables that mirror exactly the user have access in Redshift?

Thank you.

I don’t think you can hide the schemas in quicksight.

But you can restrict who has access to the schemas in redshift.

From there they won’t be able to query from those schemas because their access will be denied

Thanks for your reply.

This is exactly what I did. But just in this moment that I have a problem because you are right, they won’t be able to query but there is a usability problem.
They think that can use but will only see that not be able in the Analyses screen with a message from error with timeout in QuickSight.

I can mark this as a feature request.