How do I know the version of quicksight service I am running?

Just wondering how/where I can find the version of quicksight service running similar how we have in other services (eg. Redshift, etc)


If you are referring to which QuickSight edition (Standard vs Enterprise), you can view that via the user icon in the top right hand corner of the Quicksight console and selecting ‘Manage QuickSight’. The destination page will display the edition in the top left corner.

If you are referring to versions of QuickSight feature set, regardless of edition you will have the latest set of features and security capabilites at all times.

Quicksight Q and Paginated Reports add-ons can be enable and disabled as needed. You can see the subscription status in the same ‘Manage QuickSight’ page mentioned for edition checking under the ‘Your Subscriptions’ section.


Krishna Reddy

I was looking for something I can run from the cli since accessing from the UI can involved having the right permissions. Like:
aws quicksight version

You can use describe-account-settings or describe-account-subscriptions. Either one will return the edition of QuickSight for that account.

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