How do I upload an image on Quicksight platform when I don't have the option to conver the url to an image?

I am trying to upload an image onto the platform but I get the error saying “Update the URL to an image”. I have no option to change the URL. Is there any workaround for this? Maybe a separate platform where we can upload the image and then share the link onto Quicksight ?


Try the given below link.

Naveed Ali

Hi Naveed,

Thanks for this but I have gone through the links shared before as well and those links don’t exactly solve the issue for me. I hope there’s a feature to upload directly in sometime.

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As per document it should work :slight_smile:
Try with this url.

It’s working fine.

Naveed Ali

Hi Shashwat
Why don’t you upload the file to S3, make the file public, and use that URL inside your Quicksight chart?