How to add % to total without having to input an extra line item

How do you place a % to total next to an item? Currently I have to add a % line, for example:

Total Hires 13,929
Total Late HSD Due to BGC 1,435
% of Late HSD 10.3%

I would like to do this instead:
Total Hires 13,929
Total Late HSD Due to BGC 1,435 10.3%

You could do this with Insight visuals, but not in a table or pivot table. Add an Insight and then put all 3 of your measures in the Values field well. Open the narrative and add 3 computations using the ‘Total Aggregation’ type. Then you can insert those values and whatever text you want (to insert the values, use the totalAggregate->formattedValue items)

So there isnt a way to add to a table or pivot, correct?

@jimatl1 That is correct

I mean I guess in a table you could create a calculated field that uses string concatenation - the concat() function - to build it into one line. Then you can add that field as a dimension. Wont work in a pivot table though I dont think.

Thank you so much for the insight, much appreciated.