How to assign values for session tags for row-level security with OR condition


I have gone through the documentation for assigning values to RLS tags at runtime. And the document says

“SessionTags”: // Optional: Can be used for row-level security
“Key”: “tag_retailer_id”,
“Value”: “West,Central,South”
“Key”: “tag_role”,
“Value”: “shift_manager”

If I have an Or condition with only tag_role in the RLS rule, how do I pass the values for or condition in the example above?

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You’ve gone through this document and looked into the OR condition?

Wouldn’t you just add or with the two different keys?

Yes, that is the document from where I posted the example, but that is the example when there is no tag based OR rule set up in the dataset for RLS. If I do have the or rule setup, like shown in the attached screen shot, how do I assign session tags for both cases


I think you would need to do some SQL to break them out into individual columns instead of one.

Is that what you’re asking?