How to change QuickSight heatmap color value range to use fixed values?

I have created a heatmap where the values range from 0 to 1, where 0 indicated a positive situation and 1 a negative one. To illustrate this I have used a color range from green (min value) to red (max value). Nevertheless sometimes the data does not include values that are 0 or 1, which will change what the colors indicate. E.g. suddenly green is 0.15 and red is 0.45. This will lead into a situation where the user of the graph will misunderstand the data due to the colors.

I have tried to look from the heatmap’s “Format visual” -options to see how could I change the color value range to be so, that green color would be fixed to 0 and red would be fixed to 1. Nevertheless there does not seem to be that kind of option and I could not find any help from the documentations either. Is there some official way how to acquire this? If there is no official way, does anyone have some suggestions for a a hack that could accomplish the same result?

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The best way to address this problem is by using conditional formatting. But unfortunately Heatmap does not support conditional formatting. However, the closest possible work-around that is available is using Pivot table with conditional formatting. Add conditions to select the fill color, and select the same fill color as font color to hide the values. Let me know if this work-around is useful.



Well… It kind of does the same thing. It just looks hell of a lot uglier :joy: and lost some properties like showing the row and column names through hovering and fitting the graph for different screen size :man_shrugging: thanks anyways! It might still be the best that can be accomplished with the existing tools

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I agree. The lack of control settings for the heatmap is painful. I’ve purposefully normalized the data so all values are between 0 and 1. However since QuickSight auto adjusts the scale and the point(s) of divergence are only allowed to be set automatically, my users are reporting the heatmaps as confusing and generally misleading. Super frustrating.