How to Compare the latest month's value with oldest month's Values in PeriodOverPeriod Computation of Insights

Problem Statement*: Am trying to build automated insights on a data set where we have month on month sales data with us, and am trying to show increase/decrease in sales based on the selected months in Filter.

For example if May,June,July is selected in the filter, then the Period over Period computation should show insights based on July and May sales( ie. latest and oldest month).

Issues we are facing :

  1. Irrespective of the filters selected, insights are always shown based on the latest month selected and month previous to the latest. PFB screenshot for the same.
    PFA for better understanding in screenshot 1.

  2. And insights are going for a toss if months selected in filter are not in continuation. For example when May and July are selected in the filter, we are expecting Quicksight to give the insight narrative based on sales of July and May,
    PFA for better understanding in screenshot 2.