How to create whole analysis filters (one filter for all tabs)

Hi, i want to create a filter in the main tab of an analysis that will filter all relevant visuals in other tabs as well.
trying to use Parameters and cant figure it out, any suggestions or use cases could be helpful.

Hi Gal,

In order to have filters applied across multiple sheets you are correct in that you will need to leverage parameters. Hopefully the steps below will help explain the process:

  1. On the main sheet of your analysis, you first want to first create a parameter, or multiple parameters if you want to filter across multiple fields. If you are unsure how to create a parameter, the steps involved to do so are outlined here

  2. On the pop up that appears after you have created your parameter(s), click on create a control and provide a name for the control, type of control as well as the field within your dataset that you want to link to and click add.

  3. Link this control to the visual(s) on your sheet that you want to filter by selecting a visual and click filter in the menu. Within the filter menu you need to: change the scope to suit your use case; change the filter type to custom filter; click the checkbox for parameter; select the parameter you created in the first step; and click apply. Repeat this step for any additional parameters you have created.

  4. On your additional sheets, repeat the process outlined in the previous step to use this parameter as a filter for your visuals.

With this approach you can have your controls on a main sheet and have filters apply across other sheets within your dashboard.

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