How to enable "new redesigned analysis experience"?

I was excited to read the QS announcement from November 22 2023:

article link

about the “new redesigned analysis experience”, but I don’t see any changes in my QuickSight console. Are there any extra steps needed to enable this new redesigned analysis experience?

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Hi @kmaloney - Welcome to AWS QuickSight community and thanks for your question. When you are creating a new analysis, ideally you should see the below screen.

Check the top right option.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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Sadly my screen doesn’t look anything like that – there is no “new look” button. Which is why I ask whether there is some other step that I need to perform to enable the new look. Here’s what my screen looks like, within the AWS console:

To add some context:

  • I am an administrator
  • We are US-EAST-1
  • We have “enterprise” edition


There is no need to follow any steps to enable the new navigation mode. Have you tried with a different browser, clearing cookies, etc?


Thanks for the suggestion, but it didn’t work. I have tried using Firefox, Chrome and Edge on Windows, and Safari on Mac – all with the same results. Cleared cookies, cleared cache, cleared history: no change to the way the screen has always looked. Used it on a machine I had never tried to connect from before. Same.

I have tried it in both embedded mode (using the embedding SDK) and via the AWS console. Same as it ever was. No “NEW LOOK” button, no new layout.

There’s got to be something I’m missing.

Guess I will try to open a ticket with AWS Support – that sometimes helps.

Thanks for the assist!

That was going to be my next suggestion! Please let us know if you manage to fix it so we can have this as a solution to your question.

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I believe it depends on your region. I have a QuickSight subscription in 2 different regions (in 2 different AWS accounts). One has had the new experience for more than 2 weeks and the other still doesn’t have it.

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per the announcement post

The new analysis experience is now available in Amazon QuickSight Standard and Enterprise Editions in all supported regions - US East (N. Virginia and Ohio), US West (Oregon), Canada, Sao Paulo, Europe (Frankfurt, Ireland and London), Asia Pacific (Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo), and the AWS GovCloud (US-West) Region.

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One more thing to try, can you check if you have any preview enabled? You can check that on the menu / Preview manger.


If you have this enabled please disable and save, or the other way around, and see if it refreshes the layout. I remember seeing some UI very distinctive behaviour when toggling this on and off.

Confirming that there is no “Preview manager” line displayed in my menu.


Hi @andres007 @ArunSanthosh @Kaushik_Damarla - We have the QS account in us-east-1 and still not able to see new design experience of analysis . Is there any issue? Please advise.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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So, if you do not see the preview manager here I think it is because this is not the region where you have QuickSight setup originally, it happens to me when I select N.Virginia but I have my account setup on Oregon, I only see the preview manager in Oregon. If you go to manage QuickSight / Account Settings it will tell you which was the original region where this was set up.

I still do not know if these are related, did you have any response from support about this?

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My QuickSight is in US-EAST-1, I am logged into US-EAST-1.

In any case, so far no reply from AWS Support – after 3 days the support ticket still says “unassigned”. SMH.

Finally, nine days after opening the support ticket, I received a reply from AWS Support.

It turns out that, because some of our users connect to QuickSight using an embedded console, the new redesigned analysis experience is not enabled for any of our users – even the ones who do not use an embedded console. The promise is that the new experience will be available on December 20.

Okay, I guess.

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